Businesses have to adapt fast to survive. Constant innovation and continuous improvement is crucial.

Change is inevitable and the pressure is on.

The majority of transformation programmes fail. $11 trillion is wasted every year by global companies running badly-managed change programmes.

Neuroscience has proved that people are hardwired to resist unexpected change. They become stressed and uncooperative.

Over 70% of the worldwide workforce is disengaged at work.

Transformation is more effective, cheaper and faster when companies tap into the collective intelligence of their workforce.

Kiely & Co. has developed an approach that has driven change in some the world’s most complex organisations.

People are precious & your most valuable asset.

Organisations that harness their full potential win.

Those that don’t lose.

BEEP our Behavioural Enterprise Engagement Platform embeds people-powered change. Our tried-and-tested programmes are based on neuroscience. They work the way people work.

Leadership Development

Develop digitally-informed and empowered 21st Century
leaders to shape success.

Employee-Led Innovation

Robust replicable frameworks harness ideas, forge cross-organisational relationships and power rapid prototyping.

Culture Change

Culture health-checks, change agent discovery and co-creation turns resistance into engagement.

Change Communications

Harness the full power of the digital toolkit to excite and connect employees ... Because “top down” on it’s own doesn’t work.

The world is in constant beta. Organisational flexibility is crucial.

Kiely & Co.’s tried and tested approach guides complex organisations through transition to the agile, innovative, responsive cultures that ensure success.

Our tried-and-tested approach reduces resistance by harnessing the full potential of your most expensive and valuable asset; your people.

We can help you turn every change-initiative into a catalyst for change.

Kiely & Co. is a network of trusted Transformation Agents.
We know purpose drives profit, progress beats process and culture eats strategy for breakfast. We harness neuroscience and work the way people work to get results.

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